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We have 1% Down Payment Bail Bonds, $99 Down Bail Bonds Payment plans and

$99 Dlrs. Per month payment plan, with proof of employment.

1 hour release, our experienced agents are here to help you get your loved one released quickly.

We offer service in all counties in California. Los Angeles Bail Bonds, Downtown Los Angeles Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds San Bernardino, Riverside Bail Bonds, Bail Bonds Orange County, Modesto Bail Bonds, Merced Bail Bonds, San Diego Bail Bonds, Ventura Bail Bonds, Sacramento Bail Bonds.

Our licensed bail agents are waiting to help answer any questions. We have cheap bail bonds because bailing someone out doesn’t have to be an stressful situation.

If you have questions about bailing someone out they are there to help you post bail for your loved ones. We will be with them along the process while they wait for their court hearing.

ABBA is a bail bond company that cares about you and your loved ones.

We care and treat our customers with the respect and understanding they deserve.

We’ll be there along the process with our customers as support and encouragement.

Want to know the best part?

Paying a bond doesn’t have to put you in financial stress and take food off your table.

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Our licensed bail agents are waiting to help answer any questions.
They will answer any questions about the bail process.
They are there to help you post bail for your loved ones.
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Customer Testimonials

  • Abba Bail Bonds is by far the greatest bail bond business I've ever dealt with!!! The customer service is outstanding hands down. After feeling like I was being taken advantage of by other company, I was in shock that Abba was able to work with my budget and work out a reasonable payment plan to get my brother out of jail. Joey, Josh and Dee are truly outstanding agents. Joey stayed with me and my mother the entire night until my brother was released from jail, Dee and Josh made me feel like I was family. I will forever be grateful to Joey, Josh and Dee and the entire Abba family!! You guys are the bail business out there... Click Here to Read Original Text by Edward Alarcon
    Edward Alarcon
  • I had a great experience at ABBA BAIL BONDS. they are quick at getting your loved ones out. They are very friendly. Thank you Dee for always being there. I also met Jane, Louis & John. There awesome people & thank you so much! Click Here to Read Original Text by Tanya McGhee
    Tanya McGhee ABBA Bail Bonds Customer Testimonial
  • ABBA came to my rescue when no one would. My husband's bond was $215,000 for an evading charge. He had been in the county for 2 weeks. Our lawyer recommended Ramon at ABBA Bail Bonds. While trying get him out, the bail agent called me everyday to help come up with ways to get the bail approved. I did not have any property and very little collateral. After 3 days of trying every scenario in the book, ABBA got us approved with a small down payment and low monthly payments. My husband was out within 5 hours. He has been dealing with his court case and paying monthly for bond and ankle monitor for a year. Once the yearly contract was up for a premium renewal; Jane the owner suggested we work with our lawyer to get a bail reduction. Jane personally handled all the necessary paperwork. She showed up to court; for us on her personal time. After reading the statement from Jane, the bond was exonerated. My husband has been given a fair chance at a trial because of the good business practices of ABBA Bail Bonds. We are eternally grateful or Jane and her colleagues. This company genuinely cares about you as a human being and will do anything they can to help. I will always recommend them to anyone in immediate need of bail bonds services. Click here to read original text
    Ceci Noire Testimonial from Google
We Offer Bail Bonds for
  • All felonies
  • All misdemeanors
  • Our agency can work with all courts
  • Our agency can work with all jails

We Offer Several Different Ways to Make Payments.

Our mission

Best of all: ABBA Bail Bonds will continually provide our clients with personal, confidential and reliable Bail Bonds services with honesty and integrity rivaled by no other Bail Bonds company.

As if that’s not enough: We will do our best to ALWAYS be available.

ABBA Bail Bonds is open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, period
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What drives us: Our company’s purpose is to ensure that you are never in need of bail with no one to turn to.

Simply stated: We’re called “ABBA” for a reason; from the beginnings of this company, we’ve striven to be: A Better Bail Agency.

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