T.I. – According to Reuters, Clifford T.I. Harris almost got 20 years in prison for his illegal ownership of dozens of firearms after his home was raided by police. His sentence was reduced to a year and a day when he went on a non-violence campaign that was chronicled on MTV. Bail was set at $3 million, which the emcee posted the next day.


Juelz Santana – Juelz Santana got caught up after he accused New Jersey police officers of being terrorists in the early 2000s. That bail was set at $150,000.


Max B – The infamous Max Bs bail was set at $2 million dollars after getting arrested for conspiracy when two people showed up dead. He posted bail and was on the outside for three years before his trial ended.


Suge Knight – Originally set at $25 million, Shug Knight’s bail on the murder charge that he received in 2015 was lowered to $10 million citing the positive things he’d also done as well as the Constitution’s excessive bail clause.
Puff Daddy – The nightclub shooting that landed Shyne in prison for an otherworldly amount of time only amounted to 10K in bail for P Diddy. He was eventually acquitted.