You may or may not have heard, but the RNC just shipped out of Cleveland, Ohio after a weekend filled with speeches, trumpets, and calls to bring America back. We’re still trying to figure out where she went. Still, the Donald accepted the nomination with more bronzer on than any nominee in history. His daughter Ivanka delivered the standard Democratic nominee speech that saved him. And law and order (not the amazing television show) are being pledged to return. Can’t wait.

That doesn’t mean no one got their hand caught in the cookie jar. We’re talking about people here. And both republicans and democrats alike have a tendency to break the law. You know what they say: absolute power means you have tax payers pay for your vacations.

Here’s our list of 5 elected officials who got caught, I don’t know, banging their escorts on the public dime amongst other things.


Ex-Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland

What did he do: Go on vacation with your hard earned tax money

Bail: $250,000, which he promptly posted. Probably with your tax money, too.

What happened? 

The esteemed former Governor spent some time in jail. Around 30 months to be exact. But he’s back out now and campaigning somewhere near you.


Ex-Representative Duke Cunningham

What did he do: Stole stuff because he could. Official charges include mail fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

Prison Time: He took 2.4 million in bribes alone. Was imprisoned for 8 years and was only recently released.

What happened? 

The famed fighter pilot and disgraced public official wanted to live like a French aristocrat on a government salary. So he pilfered Persian rugs, houses, vacations, and all manner of decadence in order to feel like there was an oil painting of himself on his wall.

Ex-Illinois Gov. George H. Ryan, Republican

What did he do: Charged with racketeering and a slew of other crimes, this former nominee for the Nobel peace prize went down in a heap of accusations and finger pointing.

Bail: $1.4 million.

What happened?

The duke was sent away for 8 years and four months, but he’s out and reflective now.