There’s an old adage that says the quicker the better. They might as well have been talking about getting out of jail. It’s an unsightly experience, being in there, akin to feeling exposed to the elements of mother nature for the first time. It’s daunting and scary, but that’s why bail exists: to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. ABBA Bail Bonds knows that.

How Quickly Can ABBA Bail Bonds Get You Out?

Just how quick depends on a lot of different factors, though. Mostly, it depends on by the bail schedule set according to the crime. It’s very rare that a judge sets bail. In fact, first the jail sets bail then when the defendant goes to court the judge can either raise bail or deny bail altogether. So much depends on that, though, and although you’d like to be out of there as quickly as you can, sometimes there’s nothing anyone can do for you.

If you’ve got a job and you can prove it, ABBA Bail Bonds can get you out with no money down or as little as 1% down with a co-signer (a friend or relative works and they’ll guarantee your appearance in court).

Why ABBA Bail Bonds?

But where do bail bondsmen come into play? When you don’t necessarily have the money up front or the collateral to take care of the entire bail, a bail bondsman works with an as surety to underwrite your bail.

So as quickly as it takes to get assets together is how quickly you’ll be able to get out of jail. If you’ve got a job, then you know how important it can be to get out as soon as possible. It just may not always be possible to leave when you’d like. But, again, as long as a pay stub is available or a friend or a relative is willing to guarantee your court appearance we (ABBA) can help you usually for only 1% down as long as you qualify.

Let ABBA Bail Bonds, the better bail bond agency, be the one that gets you out as soon as they can.